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At, we give you access to a comprehensive tool to convert your favorite YouTube videos to plenty of audio and video formats. That includes MP3, FLAC, M4A, MP4, and many more, including the excellent Ogg format.

You can convert YouTube videos at top speeds with our platform entirely for free. And the best is that the process is straightforward to the point everyone can do it.

Don't lose your time looking for complicated apps to convert YouTube videos to the Ogg format. Instead, use to have a splendid experience when converting and downloading videos from YouTube.

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What is the Ogg format?

Ogg is an open-source container format developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation and released in 2000. In this sense, Ogg is a container for both lossy compressed audio and video data. In most cases, the Theora format provides the video layer, whereas the audio layer uses Vorbis or Opus audio formats. It also can contain text (subtitles, for example) and metadata. And it can also have lossless formats like FLAC.

Although the Ogg format is actually a multimedia format, Ogg has become a synonym of the Vorbis or Opus formats in recent years. In other words, when talking about the Ogg format, people usually refer only to the Vorbis audio layer. So this format is mainly known as an audio format.

Although this format can seem obscure to you, you probably use it every day without knowing it. Ogg is the format in which Spotify streams its songs, so it's actually a very used format. Likewise, you shouldn't have any problem playing Ogg files because most modern devices and players support it.

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Ogg vs. MP3

Which lossy format is better?

Both Ogg and MP3 are lossy compressed formats. That means that the two formats cut some sounds from the original audio to reduce the file size considerably, which lessens the audio quality.

However, although these formats are of the same kind (lossy compression), one is better than the other, which is the Ogg format. Let see why:

Although MP3 is a standard when it comes to audio formats, the Ogg format is better than it in all aspects but compatibility. But that's not exactly a problem nowadays.

So choose to convert YouTube videos to Ogg files when possible. They sound better than MP3 and are smaller.

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How to convert YouTube videos to Ogg files

Unlike other tools, you will find simplicity and ease here.

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, converting YouTube videos to Ogg with is something very straightforward.

You don't need deep knowledge of video editing or computing to use our platform. The only thing you need to know is how to click. Therefore, almost everyone can learn to use our conversion tool without any problem.

To convert YouTube videos to Ogg files to download them afterward, you must follow the steps below:

And in a matter of seconds, you'll be able to download the videos as an Ogg file.

As you can see, the process is simple and fast. So you can download as many videos as you want here in the easiest way possible.


Why download videos from YouTube is always better

Streaming music from the Internet is really cool, mainly because it's a great way to enjoy your favorite content almost instantly. However, it will always be better to convert and download the content from YouTube to play it offline.

The reasons are simple:

If you suffer from an unstable or slow Internet connection, then you know that lag is a real problem. Nothing is worse than your video stopping every five seconds due to lag. But if you download the video with our platform, you can say bye to lag forever.

Another annoying interruption, although of another nature, are ads. Every time you start a video, YouTube shows you an unsolicited ad no matter what. And if the video is long enough, you could end watching several ads. However, once you download a video, the ads stay on YouTube so that you can enjoy your videos with no interruptions.

If the video is stored on your device, you can watch it even if an Internet connection is not available. That way, you can enjoy your favorite songs at any time, anywhere.

Once again, if your Internet connection is slow, then you can only watch videos on qualities below 720p. Streaming HD content is not an option under those circumstances. But by downloading the content, you could start enjoying your videos and music at the highest quality possible.

So what are you waiting for? Convert the best videos from YouTube using


Is it secure to convert YouTube content to Ogg files?

Using online converters can be dangerous or not, depending on the platform you're using. A not reliable one could infect your computer or phone with a virus or worse. They could also host phishing threats, and you may not know.

But platforms like are entirely safe and free of any cyber threat. In our case, we regularly test our site to keep threats outside our cyberspace. That way, you can use our free conversion services without any problem or concern.

Don't worry about anything and convert as many YouTube videos as you want. You're secure here.