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At, you can find one of the best tools on the web to convert videos from YouTube to many formats. And now it's possible to convert YouTube content to the M4A format in seconds quite easily here. And we allow you to download with our platform the converted videos as well, so you can have your favorite videos always at hand.

So if you're interested in converting YouTube videos to M4A files, our site will help you considerably. And in case you don't know how to convert the videos, don't worry, you'll learn how to do it here!

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What is M4A?

Before explaining to you what the M4A format precisely is, we must tell you it's part of the MPEG family. It's actually the younger and improved "brother" of the MP3 format.

That said, the MPEG-4 is a multimedia format that contains both compressed video and audio. The MPEG-4 is commonly known as MP4, the famous compressed video format. Therefore, M4A and MP4 files are the same in a sense. But there is a difference: M4A are audio-only files, whereas the MP4 files contain both audio and video. The reason behind the name change was to differentiate the video MPEG-4 files from the audio-only MPEG-4 ones.

Developed by Apple in 2001, M4A uses Advanced Audio Coding (or AAC) to encodes audio and achieve lossy compression, which reduces size files a lot. However, you can find lossless M4A files, which use Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) to keep audio quality immaculate. But when talking about the M4A format, people commonly speak about compressed audio files, as this format is more used for that.

And if you're wondering how standard this format is, consider that the iTunes store provides songs in this format. Likewise, most devices support M4A files natively.

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M4A vs. MP3

Which is better?

MP3 is the universal king of formats when it comes to usage. Even today, MP3 is the most used format for music and audio distribution. However, not for that is the best audio format out there.

Created as the successor to the MP3, the M4A format is qualitatively better than its predecessor in many things. For starters, the audio-only MPEG-4 files show a better audio quality than MP3 files at the same bitrate. In other words, M4A files sound better than MP3 ones. And it has other advantages over the classic MP3 format, like:

The M4A format is better than MP3 in both compression technology and audio quality. And not only that, but it's a format with greater editing possibilities. The only thing that the MP3 format beats the M4A format is in the area of compatibility. As a standard, practically all devices support MP3, and we can't say the same for M4A. However, this is not much of a problem nowadays because most modern devices, like Apple and Android devices, support M4A natively.

So, when it comes to converting YouTube videos, the M4A format is an excellent option without a doubt. It is better than MP3 in every way.

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How to convert videos from YouTube to M4A

The time has come to show you how to handle our YouTube to M4A converter. You'll notice immediately that few things are more straightforward than converting YouTube videos to M4A with our tool. The reason is, the platform was designed to be fast and straightforward. That way, everyone can use it regardless of their computing knowledge.

Also, you'd be glad to know that the conversion process is incredibly quick. Once it starts, it ends in seconds. So you'll have the video converted and stored in your device almost in the blink of an eye.

To convert and download YouTube videos to M4A, you have to:

And after following those simple steps, your video will be converted very fast. Thus, you'll be able to enjoy it directly on your device by just making some clicks and waiting for just mere seconds.

For our incredible simplicity and speed, we invite you to use our YouTube M4A converter. You'll be satisfied with the service.


Why convert and download videos from YouTube

Although YouTube is excellent for listening to music and podcasts, there are many reasons to convert and download videos from YouTube using our platform to enjoy content offline.

Let's see them in detail:

And those are the reasons to convert and download videos using our platform.


Is it safe to convert YouTube videos to M4A using

The answer is a resounding yes. is a reliable platform to convert and download videos from YouTube.v The reason behind that is that we test our site regularly to keep any cyber threat outside the website. Likewise, we comply with Google's security standards.

Don't worry about anything when converting YouTube videos to M4A format because you're completely safe here at