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There's no way to download YouTube videos with computers within YouTube. That is only possible with phones, and the option is not free. But outside YouTube, there is SaveNow, a tool to download videos from YouTube!

With our YouTube to FLV Converter, you can convert unlimited videos to FLV files for free. Start downloading here without installing anything or signing in now. On SaveNow, that's unnecessary!



How to convert YouTube content to FLV

  1. Look on YouTube the URL of the video you intend to convert.
  2. Copy the link and paste it on the box above.
  3. Choose FLV as the desired output format.
  4. Click on download!


What is the FLV format?

Flash Video, also known as FLV, is a multimedia container format used to distribute video over the Internet. The format stores audio, video, and text.

FLV was developed by Adobe Systems and released in 2002. Its filename extension is .flv.

How to open FLV files?

Playing FLV videos online shouldn't be a problem. But the thing is different when playing them offline.

In that case, you should download a media player that supports FLV. VLC is usually the best free option for that.

How to convert YouTube playlists to FLV

You can convert YouTube playlists to FLV with our tool. SaveNow is also a YouTube playlist downloader!

The process is the same as with videos. You only have to insert the URL of a playlist instead of the link to a single video.

Can macOS convert YouTube videos to FLV?

Mac computers are unable to convert YouTube videos to FLV by themselves. But you can use your Mac to access SaveNow and use our converter.

SaveNow is also available for Windows PCs, Linux computers, and Chromebook laptops.

Does Android convert videos from YouTube to FLV?

SaveNow is a mobile-friendly online YouTube to FLV converter. You can use your Android phone or tablet to convert videos using our platform with no issue.

iPhones, iPads, and Amazon Fire tablets can also access SaveNow with no problem.

How to convert YouTube videos to FLV with Google Chrome

You can convert YouTube videos to FLV through Google Chrome using SaveNow. Our platform can turn your Web browser into a YouTube to FLV Converter.

SaveNow also works with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Silk Browser, and Safari.

Is it safe to use online YouTube to FLV converters?

SaveNow is among the most reliable sites to convert YouTube content to FLV format.

The site is regularly tested to protect it from any attack. That means you will never get malware when using our tool.