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Everyone loves to listen to music and podcasts on YouTube. And the reason is simple: counting with billions of users, YouTube hosts million and million of songs. In other words, the most visited website in the world has a massive music catalog even more extensive than Spotify and Deezer. And YouTube YouTube became the most accessible medium for finding songs and listening to music as a result.

However, although streaming music on YouTube is straightforward, nothing beats playing the song offline directly from your device. And since we know that, we provide you with one of the best YouTube to Flac converter tools on the Internet at That way, you could convert and download all your favorite songs and podcasts from YouTube to your device storage in seconds.

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What is the FLAC format?

The Free Lossless Audio Codec format, commonly known as FLAC, is an open-source audio format for lossless compression of audio. That means that there is no loss in quality involved during the compression.

Developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation and released in 2001, it's the most used lossless format. Its most impressive feature is that it presents an audio quality practically identical to an official CD but with a 50% smaller size.

Regarding its distribution and use, most modern devices and players support FLAC. For example, Android phones tablets support FLAC files natively, and players like VLC and Winamp play it with no problem. And it's famous enough to be the lossless format used by Deezer in its Hi-Fi music subscription.

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FLAC vs. MP3

Is FLAC worth it?

MP3 is a format for lossy compression. That is, some sounds are purposely lost during the compression to reduce the size of the file massively. And this, of course, affects the sound quality.

However, the FLAC format doesn't involve any loss (the reason it is lossless) and keeps the audio quality immaculate. It sounds just as accurate as it sounded when recorded.

That said, the FLAC format defeats MP3 when it comes to quality. FLAC files sound even ten times better than MP3 ones, and it shows higher fidelity. So, yes, FLAC is considerably better than MP3 in terms of quality.

But quality comes with a price. FLAC files are around ten times larger than MP3 files. Thus, an entire album of 10 songs in FLAC format will take up a lot of storage space. So it's not an option if you're running out of space, for sure.

But in conclusion, we consider that FLAC format absolutely worth it. The quality difference is substantial when played with the proper audio devices. So if you want to listen to music at the highest audio quality possible, the FLAC format is one of the best options.

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How to convert videos from YouTube to FLAC files

Now is the time to tell you how to use our platform to convert YouTube videos to FLAC.

You'd glad to know that the process is pretty quick and straightforward. Literally, after making some clicks and waiting some seconds, the video will be ready for you to download in the wished format.

Also, we tell you that you don't need any previous knowledge in computing and video editing to use our conversion tool. It has an interface specifically designed so that even the most unfamiliar with computers can use it.

To convert YouTube videos to FLAC files, you have to:

And that's all. Our platform will convert the YouTube video to FLAC in a matter of seconds.

It's really that simple. Just a few clicks are necessary to use our platform, and the conversion will be high-speed.

So use to convert and download YouTube videos. The conversion is fast and straightforward.


When to Convert YouTube Videos to FLAC format

Although the FLAC format is better than MP3, not all YouTube videos can be converted to this lossless format. And it's not because it is not possible, but that the conversion will not bring the expected result: high fidelity music.

The reason is that once digital audio is lossy compressed with MP3, for example, it is not possible to regain the original audio quality. Therefore, data lost during compression does not come back even if you convert the MP3 file into a FLAC file.

So before deciding to convert a YouTube video to FLAC, determine if the video's audio is not already compressed. If it is, don't convert it to this format because you'll only end up with a big file with low-quality audio. But if not, choose FLAC to preserve the video's original audio quality after the conversion.

What is an online converter?

An online free converter is a web-based tool to convert files to other formats on the Internet. That means you don't need to download software to convert files because all processes are performed on the cloud instead of your device. And this guarantees top-speed conversions and downloads. is an online converter that allows you to convert and download videos from YouTube in the format of your preference at no cost. So choose us over other platforms to convert YouTube videos to FLAC.


Is it safe to convert and download YouTube videos to FLAC format?

It actually depends on the tool you use to convert and download the videos. If you use the wrong one, your device could end with a virus or malware. In other instances, you could find phishing threats.

But we offer you safe conversion services here at No matter how many videos you download with our tool, you'll always get the video and nothing more than that. That is because our platform is tested regularly to keep it clean of cyber threats of any kind.

Please, trust us and convert and download YouTube videos here because you're safe with us.